no power at acceleration from start until you it 3000 rpm on 2000 Toyota Corolla

feel like the clutch is slipping then it kick in at 3000rom
cleaned the mass air flow still the same, worst when it is cold outside

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do you have any eng codes? how many miles on clutch?
code p0446
vehicle has 189,000 kms
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Sounds like your clutch needs to be replaced.
kind of figure it out,i was a bit trow off by the code p0446, but the other night i got stock in traffic and the rpm was fluctuating, so i installed a Mass air flow sensor and replaced the gas cap, everything if find.
the clucth is a bit sluggish because i bought the second hand and i have been driving the car for six month only!
i will install a new clucth next spring.
thank you all for the reply!
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