no overdrive on 1999 Dodge Ram 2500

Why won't my truck shift into overdrive/

by in Vancouver, WA on September 10, 2009
2 answers
ANSWER by on October 13, 2009
Hey, Did you find out why it wasn't shifting into overdrive? thanks!
ANSWER by on January 25, 2010
I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 4x4 with the 360 motor,my over drive stopped working,top speed was around 50mph I changed the plugs,wires,cap,rotar,battery,cable ends still no overdrive. I took my truck to my friends auto motive shop and we took it for a test drive,went down a back hwy he stomped on the throttle and held it as if he was trying to get it to shift,it held at 50mph rpms were at around 2500 after about 30seconds it back fired and went into overdrive as if it was spitting out the bug..working great now...The problem was a clogged injector.I dont advise you try to blow up your truck but maybe use some good injector cleaner..Tune up wouldnt hurt either Donnelly
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