1997 Mercedes-Benz S420 Q&A

1997 Mercedes-Benz S420 Question: No manual.

Can anyone tell me how to open a glove compartment for a C420? No manual how can I get one? -
Answer 1
I'm not familiar with your Mercedes but the people at Benzworld may be able to help with your question. http://www.benzworld.org/forums/ If you have an S420, that would be the W140 chassis (known internally as the 140) http://www.benzworld.org/forums/w140-s-class/ They seem to have a stickied post at the top containing user manuals. You'll need to copy/paste that second link for it to work properly. Hope this helps! -
Answer 2
Did u figure it out bcs I have a e430 and I can't either how funny but annoying -
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