no listing for power window in fuse box. Is there another location for fuse? on 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL500

Passanger side power window up and dead. No motor sound no response from switch and no listing in main fuse box for power window fuse. Is there another location for this fuse? If there is no fuse for this, what should I check next?

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agree with #1 poss bad window motor
Went to the Dealership and was told the motor was burned out and I needed a New one. Checked their price and labor then checked price [from my phone] for same part and it was much less. Bought the part online and went to a local shop to get it installed. Guess What! The motor was fine, Just a short in a wire in the door. Guy charged me $40. I sent the part back and had a refund from as soon as they got the part. Very quick turnaround with no hassle. Now I don't trust the Dealership anymore [plus I had to drive 1010 miles round trip to get there and back. Thank you all for your advise and I am sure to be back with another one soon. LOL!
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If the other windows work,then the fuse is good.The easiest thing to try is giving the door a healthy slam(just not lou ferrigno healthy)and see if the window works.Sometimes the brushes in the motor will stick when they are worn.If still no go,then remove door panel and check for power at the motor while working the switch,and check for power in and out of the switch.
I agree with #1
Thanks to you both for the quick tip. Got snow on the car cover right now but will check out both tips first chance I get. I'm a little worried about slamming the door because the window is all the way up and I had to slightly push it in while closing the door so it would fit under the molding. When it was working my wife would push it closed forgetting it was not our SUV [kind of heavy handed] LOL! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to address my situation and I will be sure to keep you updated on the results.