no lights on 1991 Toyota Celica

My 91 celica has no lights except the headlights. I can't find the fuse box. The engine also wants to stall when accelerating. Could a blown fuse be the culprit?

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I think that the lights and the stalling problem are unrelated. There is a fuse and relay box located under the hood of your Celica. Undo the clamps and lift the top off. On the inside of the top, there are labels for each relay.
There is a fuse box under the steering wheel at the kick panel of both the driver and passenger's side.

As for the stalling when accelerating, if your car is stuttering and "missing" when you accelerate, then replace your spark plugs and spark plug wires; also check for vacuum leaks.
i change fuse i change headlight i change head relay but antel now no headlight what your answer