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1995 BMW 318i Question: No Key Code

I purchased a 1995 318i BMW from a previous owner 2 years ago and I lost the key a couple of months ago. I took it to a BMW car dealer to make another key and was told that 100 BMW's my make and model were made without a key code. Now I have a car just sitting in the yard. I need to know how to get this resolved. Do anyone know who I can call directly other than a car dealer to get my car a key. -
Answer 1
Call a local locksmith and explain the problem, Locksmiths encounter many different problems and one of them will know what to do. -
Comment 1
Thank your for that information. I have already had a locksmith to come out and try to unlock the doors, but the lock system on it does not release without a key. They called the BMW lot and they told him we would have to replace the entire lock system and ignition. They said they would cover the part at $798 but we would have to pay $695 to have it installed. I have a problem with that because this is a defect with the car when it was originally made. The expense should be theirs to cover. So, I am really trying to locate someone who can give me a phone number, address or email address to someone who can help resolve this issue that is able to make this kind of decision. Sorry, I should have explained this at first. Thank you again -
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I have AAA plus and one of their services is having a locksmith cut me a new key, Do you have any tow service that covers that? -
Answer 2
I had the same problem with my 318 and I whent to a lock smith and gave them the VIN of the car and he made the key the same day.The thing is that I'm in Germany. -
Answer 3
the keys dont have chips on 1995,a lock smith can take the key switch apart a make and make a new key,are possibly you could change the switch out -