no idle on 1992 Saturn SL1

my saturan has over 200 thousand miles on it,i have been real good at keeping it running,i'm not a mechanic by far,but i took it in when things needed done,but i have no idle any more i have to keep it idleing,it runs fine once going down the road but at stop lights or any time slowing down i have to put into netural and keep it running,any ideas,can't spend any more money onit without myself trying to fix stuff,so please if u know of some things i can try,i would surly appreciate it???????

by in Youngstown, OH on February 27, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 27, 2011
sounds like a vacum leak or possible a egr valve sticking do you have any codes also is the pcv valve hose rotted off
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