No heat or defrost in 2002 grand marquis. Thermostat problem? on 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis

No heat, Air conditioner is fine, windows wont defrost

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Your thermostat is probably not the problem, unless you have an overheating problem as well. You could have a bad heater control valve since your air conditioning is working fine.
Thanks, how much would that cost to fix and where are you located?

OK thank you
Proper diagnostics should be administered first, but if it is the heater control valve, the cost: parts, labor, coolant, tax is about $238.
We are located in South Sacramento. Off 99/Fruitridge Rd at 5681 Franklin Blvd, Ste C.
please expand on bad heater control valve, location and cost? thank you Thank you for youre prompt reply I did purchase a thermostat and should I try that first?
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dont have an answer, this wold be my question also 2007 grand marquis
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