No heat or A/c on 1998 Toyota RAV4

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I've already submitted a question concerning the RAV4 overheating - engine light comes on - thermostat was replaced - sensor replaced - gas cap is ok - still overheats. When the thermostat and sensor was replaced - car ran ok for about a week and then wham - engine light back and on and temp gauge shot through the roof - when the thermostat was changed - there was no A/C???? - don't know if it's all related HELP!!!
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Really need to get the check engine code, it may or may not be related to the over heating issue.
Also, like I said in the first answer, make sure that your cooling fan is working and then do a chemical block test to ensure the head gasket is still sealing properly.
Will follow through - just got home from work - almost home -I work 54 miles away from my home. When I started my 04 Ford Focus (181k), I noticed that the engine sounded "rough" like it was knocking - I thought I better get that checked out. Made it to the McDonalds - .5 mile away from home - in the take out line and I felt all the power fading - car went dead - I tried to start it got a terrible screech and it wouldn't start again. Electrical ok - could I have thrown a rod - 2 guys help push me to the parking area and said Happy New Year. I thought now this and the RAV4???? Any help ?
Hello gbgoul,
I agree with dandd. First I'd retrieve the engine's trouble codes registered in the vehicle's computer to properly diagnose the problem that triggers the CEL. Inoperative cooling fan could cause a rapid engine overheat.
2 relays were changed - car ran fine for first day - 2nd day it ran hot again. I barle==ely made it home - had to run heat at max to get home now what - I'm stumped.
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When Engine Computer detects overheat condition it will disable AC System.
How does the system enable the AC system to come back on?