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2009 Dodge Journey Question: No heat on passenger side vents and little heat on drivers side

I checked heater core hoses and they are both hot to the touch. I also checked the operation of the blend door actuator and it is working. I have single zone climate control. Any ideas?? -
Answer 1
The Journeys have had some issues with getting plugged up in such a way that only a part of the core retains coolant flow, try backflushing it and if heat isn't restored someone will be pulling the dash to replace it. -
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I was afraid of that. Should I just use some water to flush or is there a need to use a chemical also? -
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Take 2 hoses off and blow back through the heater core with compressed air.. Now here the part these tech don't know Install the hoses back on backwards and the System will back flush itself , I just did it today On a ranger and the heat is mints..just keep the hoses on heater core backwards.. That's the 1 thing these car building idiots Didn't ruin yet , the heater core can be ran backwards there's no sensors or direction of flow...be careful in pulling those hoses off ,twist really easy or slit with a razor and twist , the heater core pipes are delicates... -
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That is a good idea, but am I right in thinking that you want to get most of the crud out of the heater core before doing this? -
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Yes , that's why u first blow it out with air but if u can't Get it out screw it , u wanna freeze or do an 8 hr job , go ahead..lol, sorry -
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I hear you. Feeling that Arctic blast right now! -
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Lol , I was trying to figure this truck out all week and Driving it in that whole week of cold weather , I was so pist, I was freezing my pumpkins off.. And the lady's screaming , where's my truck, where's my truck , Stressful.. There's a chemical you can get u let it sit in there then blow it out , it's on utube...but this worked for me in a pinch.. Where's your truck it's @ the dump , Mcdonalds , the bank , I was all over , lol..these people don't give u a break... -
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That sucks. I think I'll give this a try, only this that is going to hurt the wallet is the price of mopar hoat coolant! -
Answer 2
After 6 weeks off and on at dealership to repair, we took to a trusted mechanic for his opinion He said replace heater core. Took it back to dealer (thankful for stupid lifetime warranty) Even cold natured me is getting too hot now. Either it never worked correctly or this on is much better. -