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1997 Ford Taurus Question: No heat

When heater is on, only cold air blows out. -
Answer 1
Is the engine running at normal operating temperature? If it is running cool, then the thermostat may be stuck open. If that is OK, then the system that controls the airflow past the heater needs to be inspected. -
Answer 2
heater blows cool air -replaced heater valve-replaced thremorsat[-replaced hot and cold swwitch -
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i have no heat in my car and we have replaced the thermostat last year and flushed the radiator. it seems like the fluid is not circulating in the radiator.
i over heated, blew the top radiator hose and thermostat, replaced everything, but still over heat and have no heat
I have no heat coming out of vent , it's all cold air. Fan runs in all speeds, but just cold air. Had new thermostat put on , put it's still not working. Car does not get hot at any time either.