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2000 Mercury Mountaineer Question: no heat

i have no heat in my truck my hose is hot coming from the radiator to the thermostat but no heat could it be the thermostat or the heating core ?????????? -
Answer 1
The thermostat is unlikely to have anything to do with this. The heater core, blower motor, etc., is where you should start. -
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where is the blower located i am having a heating problem i have no heat i was thinking it might be the thermostat or maybe the heater core the hose from the radiator...
A failed heater blend door or actuator can cause the temperature control for the HVAC system to stop working. A clicking sound from the dash area would commonly indicate an actuator fault. If the h...
fans work, coolant is where it should be. Where else can I check, before taking it to a shop?
I changed the thermostat, but still have no heat. Can it be the water pump, I do have a little belt noise when I start it.
what else can be wrong. air comes out and the ac works just not the heater. could it be the heater core.