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2006 Nissan Murano Question: NO HEAT!

im getting no heat in the car. it only comes on when the outside temp is above 40 degrees. please help its very cold! -
Answer 1
For the time being, try running the heat on recirculate and see if that helps. Do you have automatic climate control on your Murano? Does using the manual mode change anything? You might have a problem with your temperature blend door. Are you still under warranty by any chance? -
Comment 1
yes engine reaches normal temp. i to think its the blower but as i said earlier it works when temps are warmer like 35 to 40 degrees, but it takes a long time before it starts blowing. trying to avoid a labor cost if i can fix it myself. -
Comment 2
I would check the coolant level just to be sure your coolant is not low. If there is any air in your system, that can affect the heater output. When the engine is up to normal operating temperature, do both of the heater hoses feel hot (be careful)? If the coolant levels are good, I would start to suspect the heater blend door I should make sure you mean your heater blower turns on but you're not getting hot air? Is the blower not blowing any air from the ducts? -
Comment 3
There is a temperature blend door on most cars that moves to "blend" the hot and cold air in the AC/heater system. If this door gets stuck, breaks, or if the actuator for the door breaks, you may only get cold air from the air ducts. It sounds like you're getting no air from the vents so that could a problem with the heater controls, or the heater blower motor (heater fan). Does the engine reach normal operating temperature when you drive? You might need to take this in to a shop that can check service bulletins and perform the diagnosis for you. -
Comment 4
I found a link to the factory service manual for the Murano. http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/murano/2006/ "atc" is the automatic air conditioning system. It has bookmarks in the pdf to help diagnose the air conditioning system. It might be faster to download the pdf's (save target as..) since they are so large. Look it over carefully, and be patient. A lot of diagnoses in the manual say to connect the scanner but sometimes a volt meter or "self-diagnosis" can be used. I can understand wanting to save money, good luck. -
Comment 5
guys its a head gasket problem, just smell the coolant and if you can smell gas you done. -
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