no heat on 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

i have a 01 PT Cruiser with no heat the upper and lower rad hoses are hot as well the in and out lines for the heater core are hot, it has also had a rad flush and rad cap replaced still no heat the temp gauge is at half in a normal time as well. Is there a sensor for the heater core? Other than replacing the thermostat im stumped please help?

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either the heater core is clogged or the blend door is not functioning.
the heater hoses should have about a 30 degree difference in temp.

move the heater switch from hot to cold listen for a change in the air flow. if you don't hear any change. you may have a vaccum leak, damper door or motor not working. that won't let heat from the heater core be blown into the cars vents.