no heat- on 2001 Dodge Stratus

repairman tried to increase heat-only slightly-lines clear

by in Wayne, MI on January 22, 2013
0 answers
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If the Heating A/C fan only works in certain positions ie. 3&4 but not 1 or 2. You most likely need a new blower motor resistor.
Tried using defrost....heat noted short period of time going to work, took almost 1/2 hr to feel any heat.. Tried heat coming home, nothing but cold air now. Defrost isn't working, concerned. I hav...
Fan runs at all speeds, but no heat.. Is there a switch that operates the heat/cooling in the car? a/c works great just wont switch over to heat.
we replaced the thermostat thinking it was out because the car would not heat up now after replacing the heater will not blow any warm air only cold what could this be

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