no fuel pressure on 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty

this is the 2nd fuel pump installed in this vehicle pump failed new filter was installed also tank clean

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The quality of aftermarket fuel pumps is definitely questionable. Are you using a Ford pump from the dealer? The dealer pump also comes with a sending unit, where most aftermarket pumps do not.

Make sure your fuel pump relay is working properly also.
yes only ford products ,new relay was used ,new filter also used also ford products only ck for any voltage drops ok ck for ground integrity ok
I'm really not going to be able to provide you more help on this, as you have covered all the bases I can think of. Check for power and ground to the pump - ok. Check for fuel pressure - none. The only other thing is to make sure the inertia switch is not tripped.

If you have power and ground to the pump and it does not turn on, then obviously it must be a faulty pump.
Thank you for your time