No Fire on 1996 Ford F-150

I was driving my truck and it just quit now i can't get any fire

by in White Hall, AR on April 05, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 24, 2010
check coil first see if your getting juice there if not then its crankshaft position sensor..test replace coil or cps.
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engine cranks wont start no spark from coil.have replaced crank sensor,coil,icm,starter relay,ignition switch,and pcm.when testing remote icm found #4 pin not recieving signal from ignition switch....
Just want to no if anyone knows why it was the little wheel part under the hood but it burned up only the rubber garmets but almost had little flame.
Starter fins this cold morning. Let it warm for 5 Min. Revved engine fine. As soon as I put truck in gear, it died. Tried to restart, cranks but won't fire. Let it sit for two hrs. started right up...

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