no crank,no start on 1994 Toyota Corolla

i put new battery and a starter,but the car will not crank only a click in the engine compartment.

by in Jefferson City, MO on March 16, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 16, 2009
Do the dash light turn on on the dash board of your car when you put the key in the ignition to the run position? If not you may have a bad main fuse, bad battery connection or ground cable to the body/engine. Do the head lights turn on when you turn the switch, they are independent of the starting system and should light brightly if the battery is good, ground and power cables are good. Do you hear any "click" at all from the engine compartment when you turn the key?
COMMENT by on August 08, 2012
There is no clicking and the head lights will not turn on along with the majority of the dash lights. The"door ajar light is the only one that lights up. Battery is good though. Do you think it could be a poor connection in the power or ground cables?
COMMENT by on September 29, 2012
mazakuh Did you figure out your problem? I am having the same exact symptoms.
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