No cold air when AC on? on 2002 Mazda Tribute

Condensor and compressor seem to be fine. No leaks detected. Gauge hooked up, pressure builds to norm level and compressor clicks off and pressure drops. Repeats, clicking on and off. Tried refilling refrig. but no difference. Suggestions please....

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your.mechanic is correct. Please post number response instead of 'OK' or 'normal'. As stated , ambient temp. will have an effect on system pressure readings. When you re-charged the system , did you evacuate it for at least 30 minutes? Most places don't have the patience to do that , but it helps. How frequent is the comp. cycling on & off?
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just to be sure, WHAT is your ambient temperature and what is your high and low side readings? if they are both okay as you say, i would evacuate and recharge the ac system because maybe there is air contamination.