2005 Dodge Stratus Q&A

2005 Dodge Stratus Question: no check engine light or codes pop up. the car will suddenly lose power and

and begin to buck if you try to accelerate. shut it off and start again and it runs good again. never know when it's going to happen. -
Answer 1
Check with a dodge dealer PARTS dept. and ask if there are any known problems with the ignition switch in this model. Had an intrepid a while back with same symptoms (sudden bucking & downshifts) key off then on , & it would clear right up fro a while-sometimes 2 days sometimes 2 weeks. ........Just a thought ----HINT-- IF they stock the part , that's a good sign they had issues.....remember I'm talking DEALER not a parts house. -
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thanks for the info, I'll check with local dealer. -