"no bus" but it does go away and starts on 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500

Changed Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor.
Changed Air Intake volve Sensor

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What was it? Why will no one help what is no bus my van died had crank shaft sens and computer replaced tolk to mechanic had scoped says need new computer can't afford to keep doning this what is wrong with my van so many post same problem but no definitive answers please help
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Just went to Dodge Dealer on my 2000 1500 Conversion van and they said $
900. to repair it.
possible crankshaft sensor is going bad that is a common issue
Changed the crankshaft sensor no def
poss computer problem.what kind of crank sensor did you use? DEALER iv seen alot of bad aftermarket ones
auto zone
that could be the problem. take it back and install one from the dealer. the aftermarket ones are junk. some parts are ok there but others do not work right
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