1997 Chevrolet Venture Q&A

1997 Chevrolet Venture Question: no brakes at all. pedal hit the floor. I don't see any fluid anywhere. master?

could it be the converter? -
Answer 1
It's not the convertor. Does the master cylinder have brake fluid in it? Sometimes a brake line fails and it sprays the fluid and doesn't show much of a wet area. If the fluid level is low, add some and have an assistant pump the pedal while you watch underneath. You'll probably find a leak. There is always a chance the master cylinder itself has failed, but they usually cause the pedal to drift down (fade) at stops before it just quits working. -
Answer 2
insp all wheels for fluid leaks and master cyl. remove master cyl and ck the rear seal for fluid -
Answer 3
Betting on the master cylinder has failed. Check to see if the rear seal is leaking. -