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Nissan Sentra Nissian Crankshaft and Camshaft Sensor Recall

Nissan Sentra Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Engines Affected: 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 2.0L 4 Cylinder, 2.5L 4 Cylinder

Average Mileage: 113,897 mi (47,000 mi - 211,000 mi)


The engine may stall at times due to a failed crankshaft position sensor and/or camshaft position sensor, These sensors can fail intermittently as they warm with the engine. Sensors on certain models have been recalled by Nissan and will be replaced as necessary. Please visit our recall section for this model to see if your vehicle is covered by this recall.

  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 102,000 mi


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  • ws2600, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 84,000 mi

    I have the same crank shaft sensor problem which kills the engine. On a 10 min drive I have to restart the car anywhere from 2-12 times. Sometimes it doesnt start right back up and I have to wait 10-30 seconds. I took it to the dealership and they said my vin didnt qualify even though it's within the manufacture date range for the recall. I called 1-800-647-7261 and got someone in the Philippines that said the same thing and brushed me off. It's a known issue and part of a recall but Nissan refuses to fix the problem. So much for fake "recalls".

    Only a matter of time before I get in an accident due to this known issue. The dealership wants $140 for the sensor and at least $150 for the labor. I cant afford this and shouldn't have to pay $300 for a manufacturing defect. When I went in the dealer said I was the 2nd person that came in that day with the exact same problem and the previous person wasnt "part of the recall" either. I wonder how many deaths it'll take before Nissan will actually honor the recall.

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  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 116,502 mi

    Engine light came on and car lost power. The problem was a faulty crankshaft sensor which was replaced at a Nissan dealership.

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  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 59,000 mi

    this car eat camshaft sensor

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  • Visitor, , 2.5L 4 Cylinder

    Car keeps stalling when gets warm. It has to set up to an hr before it will start again.

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  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 145,000 mi

    Experienced a lot of stalling at various times (especially in times of heat). Never expected it to be this. Called a Nissan dealership and they are replacing it free of charge as a part of the recall this week.

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  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 102,000 mi

    Began intermittently running rough with intermittent cranking without starting when warm.
    Code 0335 was set.
    Wiring was fine. Connector was good -- not oil soaked, as some become.
    Replaced Crankshaft Position Sensor with a reliable brand aftermarket part.

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  • Banjo Mike, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 98,000 mi

    I had experienced difficulty starting on damp and rainy mornings. I took it to my local repair shop with whom I've done business for several years. They ran a diagnostic and the read out came back aas this problem with either or both the camshaft sensor and the crankshaft sensor. Looking for pricing on its repair at this point.

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  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder, 117,000 mi

    Car dies when it gets hot! On a 40 mile drive! Then sets for a few mins! Then starts again!

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  • Visitor, , 1.8L 4 Cylinder

    Worked fine until just now. Went to start it and it acted all finicky. Finally started but the tachometer never let it go over 3500 in idle and 2500 in drive. Jerks real hard and very often if i push the gas down past like 1/10th of the way; anything below that the car acts normalish. It becomes very difficult to get it to go even 25mph.

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