Nissans skips and misfires on 1995 Nissan Maxima

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The vehicle will start ok and idle ok but getting up to speed it will skip and jump and stumble. I can get going to 60 or better but it is very sluggish and the gas mileage is terrible. Probably losing 10 or more miles per gallon. Three codes came up as follows...
PO170 Fuel inj.sys. lean or rich. (right bank)
PO1148 Closed loop control fault. (right bank)
PO130 unable to obtain closed loop oper. (right bank)

I changed the Oxy. sensor on the right bank before this all happened. I had a univ. sensor I scavenged from another car I junked, in great shape. I don't know if this is a prob. but the Nissan has 3 wires for the Oxy sensor and the one I put in has 4 wires. I just connected the 2 heater wires and the power wire and left the ground wire unconnected. Will this be, or is this the problem? Do any of these codes have anything to do with the Oxy. sensor...I'm guessing they do.
Thanks for any help.
(1) Answer

RepairPal has this detail about the P0130. Maybe that will get you started. You've definitely got an emissions-control problem.