Nissan Titan Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Nissan Titan

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Overheating and/or lack of proper venting can cause the rear axle seals to leak. Excessive fluid loss can result in major damage to the rear differential assembly and/or axle bearings.

A weak or failing fuel pump can cause power loss due to lower fuel pressure and lean mixture conditions. This rarely causes a Check Engine Light to illuminate and should be repaired to avoid catalytic converter damage.

Water can cause corrosion in the connector between the engine and transmission wiring harness. The engine may crank but not start, stall, and/or the transmission may not shift correctly.

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AC Unit drain clogged someone told me, ho do I check it

Those three lights are on and the 4 wheel drive won't engage what's wrong

Titan 2007 5.6 V8/Automatic transmission/Crew cab
when trying to put the truck in reverse, the truck would not move forwards nor backwards. The gear shift lever felt like in was not engaging the gears but moved freely along the entire range, from park to Low drive. The Shift indicator on the p...

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The vehicle weight rating as listed on the vehicle certification label is misprinted to a weight too large for the vehicle to carry. Nissan will provide a new label to replace the incorrect one free of charge to resolve the concern.

The tire information label may not contain the rim (wheel) size information. This could lead to an incorrect tire/wheel combination being installed on the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash. Nissan will supply owners with a new label and installation instructions. Owners who wish to do so may bring their vehicle to a Nissan dealer who will install the label for them.

The vehicle seating capacity may be incorrect on the tire information label on certain vehicles equipped with the sports appearance package. This could lead to vehicle overloading, increasing the risk of a crash. Nissan will supply owners with a new label and installation instructions. The owner has the option of taking their vehicle to a Nissan dealer to have the label installed.

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visitor from Baltimore 10/12/2011 this is a update on my muffler flange.The flange on the back of my muffler that connect the tail pipe to the muffler rusted out. The Dealer wanted to replace the muffler and tail pipe The warranty only cover these parts for 36,000 miles.I took my truck to a muffler shop and they fixed it for $60.00 I hope this helps.

My '06 has 26,000 mi. on it. The muffler is good but the flanges on the muffler/tail pipe rusted right off. Told I need to replace both sections and possibly the whole exhaust system because flanges on cat. converters will probably crumble when trying to disconnect also. Paid 26k, still making payments, and the warranty only covers muffler and converters. problem there is can't just replace fla...

I have a 06 Titan bought brand new 54,000 miles to date. Here is my review. Love the look(I added a lot of chrome on a black truck) The brakes are holding up well I haul a 28ft camper she pulls and stops beautifully and handles the extra weight easily. That's the good. Now for the not so good. The heater takes awhile to heat up. Have had other trucks and they seem to heat up much quicker,needl...

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