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Nissan Rogue
$129 to $260
Nissan Rogue
$309 to $600
Nissan Rogue
$646 to $1,691
Nissan Rogue
$85 to $249
Nissan Rogue
$27 to $60

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The fuel gauge may read incorrectly due to a faulty sender in the tank. A failed fuel level sender will require replacement to restore correct fuel gauge operation.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate with a stored code P0444. This can be caused by a broken wire at the canister purge volume control solenoid valve. Our technicians tell us if a broken wire is found at the solenoid, a kit is available from Nissan to repair this issue. 

The sunroof may not close completely due to interference from the wind deflector. Our technicians tell us there is a revised wind deflector available to correct this concern.

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My ABS light come on and off, and when it come on when am deriving my break with hold on its own without me matching on my break so please what can be the problem

Tried through the wheel well with the tire turned.

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The driver's side doors may not latch securely. Dealers will inspect the latches and replace affected ones free of charge to resolve the concern.

The improper tire size may be listed on the vehicle tire label on vehicles equipped with 17 inch wheels. Nissan mailed owners new labels with corrected information free of charge to be affixed to their vehicles; dealers can also assist in installing the labels to resolve the concern.

The fuel pump may fail and cause the vehicle to stall without warning. Dealers will replace the fuel pump free of charge to resolve the concern.

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Twice when car was traveling about 6 hours, the accelerator just cut out. Once on NJ Turnpike, by Shore after traveling all day in heat. Second time. 2 months later after 60,000 mile check up and green light, it cut out on Rt. 80 during rainstorm going up steep incline. I happened driving to Ohio and again next day returning to NJ. We kept rpm low and stopped when safe, waited a few minutes a...

when cranking in the morning sounds like lifter tapping are Rob and knocking

I love my car! It's perfect and user friendly! Quiet. Perfect size. Not too small. Not too big.

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