Nissan 370Z Repair and Maintenance

A guide to problems, costs, maintenance and repair for your Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z Problems

Rear Hatch May Not Open Correctly

The rear hatch may not open completely or stay in the open position. Our technicians tell us that revised rear hatch lift springs are available to correct this concern.

Navigation system software update available

Various navigation system faults may be corrected by updating the navigation software. Proper diagnoses of the navigation system should be performed before the software upgrade is performed.

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Nissan 370Z Questions

My convertible top does not go up and down anymore, I think it's electrical. (1 answer)

The light does not turn on anymore, and when it stopped working, my trunk does not open with the remote either. I want a referral to a place that can fix the electrical problem and that won't rape me for money, I'm a single Mom and just want someone honest.

I removed the scew on the front two disk breaks to alow room for new nonstock ri (1 answer)

Rims and am now getting all kinds of warning lights and the speedo does not function

How much does it cost to replace the panel that sits under the door? (1 answer)

I accidently ran over a curb. The underside of the bottom panel below the door on the passenger side is all scratched up and has been pulled away from the body.

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Nissan 370Z Recalls

Power Window Auto Reverse Function May Not Function as Expected

The power window switches were incorrectly manufactured. The auto-reverse feature does not operate and a pinch injury may result before the window reverses direction. Dealers will replace the power window switches to correct this concern.

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Nissan 370Z Reviews

Like the car, my first Nissan Roadster after driving BMWs for years. Car is fun to drive and seems solid. Very disappointing that at 450 miles "service engine soon" came on. Dealer says most of these have bad gas caps. Question, why doesn't Nissan replace them on the cars that haven't sold so the customer doesn't have to bring it back immediately after purchase? Starting to wonder what else...
Fantastic as far as speed and handling. Poor as far as the interior I would have expected much better. Seats are very uncomfortable after a long drive.

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