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It seems like Knock sensor in a Supercharged Xterra is located in different area than others models.
tried to reset by disconnecting terminal ran for a while service engine still out but abs popped back on.
My 2002 Xterra doors will lock all by themselves while driving down the road or parked with the engine on or off. Doesn't matter or have a preference when it locks, just random. Maybe a little more if it's been rain...
I have put injector cleaner in three times, changed the fuel filter, changed the fuel pump in the tank, changed all six plugs and no change.
It only does this when idling at first I thought it was my brakes sticking but its not that my car shakes and acts like its about to shut off.
I was driving home the other night and out of no where my xterra lost power and i had to floor it to get any power out of it . i drove it like that for about a half mile and parked. Now it wont start. wondering if its...
Need help in getting vehice started. open to all suggestions. no cloggin in fuel filter, fairly new battery, connections to battery fine.no warning lights on. i was just driving about 65mph and it just stalled out. No...
while driving it just died when service engine came on and lights didn't deam and now all it does is turn over kindof fast and doesn't start
My light just dimmed on my instrument panel over the selector switch for the defrost/Floor/ Panel selector. How do I change the bulb?
My turn signals and hazards dont work. I need to know where is the electronic flasher switch located I need to change it?
which one is the bank 2 converter?
How do you remove the front hub on a 02 Xterra, 4x4, so you can repack bearings and change rotor?
how do I tighten the timing belt on my 2002 xterra? The timing belt, water pump, tensioner and seals are ALL new.