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change dist knock senor fuel pressure is good idle control valve coolant temp sensor and still turns off after 10 minutes on
when motor warms up it will stall and choke down
What could it be if the fuses are all fine? I checked all of them since none specified dash/tail lights.
The A/C works fine when driving around town, on all different fan levels. After driving on the highway for about 2 hours, no matter what fan level it is set at, barely any air is coming out of the vents. Any ideas w...
I have put injector cleaner in three times, changed the fuel filter, changed the fuel pump in the tank, changed all six plugs and no change.
I'm trying to get the covers off the rear end to see the gears, my truck feels like it's slipping gears. Do I have to remove the axels to see this?
How hard is it to replace a distributor on a 2002 Nissan Xterra?
Nissan just stalled at an intersection and would not start, had to push vehicle home.
When parked, the brake lights come on and stay on for about 2 minutes every half hour or so whether the doors are locked or unlocked. There is a red LED security light on left side of dash board. It blinks when the d...
Ran fine then died engine light came on. Now when give gas the rpms are not going up. It seems to be sputtering.
Problem-rough idle, stalling, rough running . Repair#1-accessory belts, shocks replaced; knock sensor replaced. After repairs service engine soon light illuminated. Told wires shorted- need a computer Repair#2- has ...