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I have a 2004 Titan CC 4x4 with 187k miles. I Have always used royal purple 5w30 and a Nissan Oil Filter. Lately when truck is driven a period of time the oil psi gauge which has always rode in the middle or a little ...
instrument panel all gauges go off but the truck stays runing
On way home it just pinned to hot and truck got a little bumpy and then my oil temp light came on also so in morning I turned key and it pinned right to hot again and still starting rough
I notice yesterday my rpms going up while accelerating and my truck was moving very slow with high rpms and today it was working normal stopped by to pump gas took off little later starting to have problems my truck d...
it always smells of fuel in cabin of truck when driving.. what may be the cause and how to resolve? thank you
when yo hit the switch it use to open all the way either tilt or completly open. Now it will only move a little and you have to keep hitting the switch to get it open. Its the same on both tilt and the open switch.
I have a nissan titan & it won't lock in 4wd. It's been working fine. But yesterday it quit locking in. It looks like it's in 4wd on the dash but the front wheels won't pull...
looking for rearend for nissan titan 4x4 2004, any suggestions ? thanks james
the heater floor vent stays closed ,the other vents defrost, ac,etc. work fine. when on i hear the blower but no air comes out!