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Can this be the rotors needing to be replaced, or will replacing the pads correct the issue?
Sorry not a car person. A friend bought an 04 titan it's titled as 4x4 but how do you put it in 4 wheel drive?
there is no fire on any coil pak,I have fuel getting to cylinders,fuses are good,have replaced throttle body,crank shaft sensor,spark plugs,ran diagonistic test but have no codes.
After leaving lights on over night my battery died. After jump starting truck the correct way my Att check light came on and the titan is in limp mode (only gesr 3 or 4). I scanned some codes and cleared them but the ...
i am getting no air flow when i turn on the heat or air. I checked all of the fuses and they look good. As far as the controls and all light up when you push a certain function like a/c and you can tell when you swi...
comparable with the same amount of precious metals will suffice versus not buying the whole assembly? there is no codes but pending 0420 catalyst below threshold bank 1 o2s are bouncing well what you guys think i am n...
i have three not ready i did not disconect battery
Rear end has failed and needs replacement parts and labor to install and repair