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Hi so my light just turned on and stays on. I just had the O2 sensor 2 weeks ago im just over 75,460Miles
I took my car to get smog tested and it failed due to the catalyst code #p0420 my tags are due and going trough dealer will cost me around 1000$ just for the catalyst not even installations what do I do ?? My engine l...
2007 Sentra with a 2.0 ltr. Or is there an access hole in the trunk? Friend's car and I'm not there to see for myself. Thanks
I've had my car into the shop 3 times now because it was overheating, and they've replaced the radiator once, and the thermostat twice now, and they can't seem to figure out what the problem is. The temperature gauge ...
I checked the fuses and relays and all is good, even took it appart and didn't see anything and now the air bag light is on and i can't get rid of it.
sometimes the car is driving ok,and then suddeenly cuts out. I got an OBD2 reader but can't locate the DLC
79000 miles, vechicle kind of stalls when you accelerate, above 50mph. does it hot or cold. about two years ago.
just want to replace the cables, but no one seems to know how long they are until I remove them.
Hello, Both of my headlights went out at the same time, and I was told it could be the circuit and it would cost $400. Any other ideas, cheaper options? The brights still work fine. Could it be a fuse?
I have checked the ODB II codes and it displays P0456 which is a Evap. Emission Control System Small Leak. Gas cap has been replaced but do not know what to check next. Thanks
What complications are there while performing this task?
Change the oil in my car, car worked fine left sit a while went to go away now it won't shift into gear. cant figure out why.