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I have tried to slam the hood, knock the steering wheel, the dash board, the fuse box, etc. Sometimes it works sometimes it not. Probably tomorrow or next day, if I find the car in a good mood, it will start at the fi...
car lurched when idling and foot on brake also occurred in Park not sure but think code was e7
as soon as i start to drive or turn the wheel i hear loud grinding noise coming from the wheel on driver side gets worse when i pick up speed i hope you can help thank you
could someone please tell me where the crankshaft position sensor is on my 2004 nissan sentra, or where i can get a diagram showing where it is thank you so mu8ch
how do you change the antifreeze in my cooling system thank you
Just installed a used throttle body. Works great except it is slow to accelerate on take off. Can the TPS be adjusted? If so how?
my car present problems whit the throttle body and i got a new but i don't now how programing or reset.
I have had the car for about a year. I have fluids/oil checked on schedule. My car started having troubles a couple months ago. It died overnight. It jumped then died a few days later. Triple A told me to replace the ...
After about 20 to 30 mins of drving my car or just running it will stall have to wait about 7 min before it will start back up and I can keep going but not for very long have to wait for engine to cool down before drv...