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Car just started cutting off while I was driving! mostly apon stopping or pulling off from a stop. Did the daily sometimes several times a day for week then engine light came on 81,000 miles..any ideas..did a check on...
It's to use a trickle charger. will this cause damage to the radio? TYVM
took 2 dealer couldn't find anything wrong suggested replacing everything but the kitchen sink and then wasnt sure it would be corrected. replaced plugs and battery AANY HELP GREATLY APPRECIATED
car appears 2 want 2 go forward shudder only lasta few seconds but does occur often car runs well otherwise and no warning lights appear
Have noticed something off with the front end for a while. CV axles are fine as well as the struts, but I have noticed something akin to a popping in the steering column. Was curious as to what this may be. Due to ...
I got a reading on an emission saying rpm p0128 manufacturer code
I pushed the over ride button down and it comes out of park but when I put it back into park it gets stuck again. My break light are on. I have bot checked my fuses yet. Does anyone know what it could be?
128000 miles, check eng.light on,P0455 code reading, what could be the faults and fixes. When the brakes are applied at a stop the car pulsates and feels as if it will stall. While driving it excels normal no problems
I took my car for an oil change and had issues in the past with trying to crank the car. I have to turn it quite a few times and then it will start. The car now will not start and they explained to me that it was th...
I just purchased it used about 3 weeks ago. It has 74500 miles on it and we are only getting about 20 MPG. I put some seafoam in the gas thinking it would help. I installed a set of new correct plugs and checked the a...
Belt tensioner is not working correctly Belt squeals
My coolant was low and added some after light came on, however the person who checked it took the service engine off for me. Do I need a new coolant thermostat. How long can I wait before replacing? Is it necessary?