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My car and my air conditioner acting up battery light came on with brake light Nissan Sentra GXe 03 the belt snapped connected to the alternator
i was told to purchase a new gas tank
The person stated that the car had just been service. However, I took to a mechanic and it has to be repair!! I could take back where i brought it and they can repair it for 450!! should I have to pay them when they d...
squeak while in use?
I brought a car and the check engine wont go out. I took to get inspected and it failed. I receive 3 error codes p0011 p0420 and I cant remember the last one but it has something to with the camshaft
effect the car acceleration? if so how
plugs replaced coils......please help
Mechanic told me that there was coolant mixing with oil and my spark plugs were wet. The car would not start (would turn over), loosing coolant without an apparent leak and the temp would go high then low, loss of ...
Code p0507 could have many meanings ..My car has 111k miles and would like to know what it may be or a close guess if you would . It runs and shifts good rpm are a bit high when idling. Almost seems like it has no iss...
my 2003 sentra 1.8 idles normally sometimes and then other times wants to stall out. runs good when excelerating. i have changes plugs twice, replace a coil wire packet for #1 cylinder at the advice of machanic (he pe...
Car stays runnig and a few secounds later the gauges start working again.
Would it make any noises while running if it needed to be changed even if oil had just been added?
My car turns easily, but it makes a loud noise when it does.
I added 2 quarts of oil and it got better, but it still does it, just not as loud.
Like a knock when I back up . Just once or twice though.