Nissan Quest will not start, will crank... replaced fuel pump on 1994 Nissan Quest

94 nissan quest, I replaced the fuel pum after getting stuck with her in Harrisburg, 300 bucks laer ran fine for 2 days and all of asudden, it bogged down wqhile driving, engine shut and now it will not start just keeps turning over......

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I would re-check the fuel pump work. if you spray some carb cleaner in the engine intake, does it fire. if so, you have a fuel delivery/fuel pump problem
I am Fuguring the rouble lies in there.... However FYI, I did change... The fuel filter AND that dang little pain called Fuel relay, that sits on the injector after changing both of those, I got no start....2 days latter, put a battery from another vehicle in and it turned over, but died as soon as it got to a hill....I am totally puzzled. pulled hose from filter out.... and it squirted gas when i turn the key to on..I can hear fuel pump..... just to catch you up.... any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated... thanks for the response already BTW.
ONE more thing...Where the bejeesus can I find the port for OBD reader and what connector do I need I have a OBD II reader no plug fits??
ok please tell me my problem imy van start and idol but the min i get on the road it want to die