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The steering wheel bibrates when driving about 60 to 70 miles per hour some times when I step on the brake peddal at that speed
Can the 2 seats in the middle be taken out and replaced with a bench seat in my 2004 Nissan Quest?
How do you change out the front struts and how hard is it?
it occurs a week ago and just cut off with out notice diagnostic code p0334
My 2004 Quest has been driven for about 80200 miles .. Recently I started experiencing a very serious issue, the car just switches off in the middle of the road and the "SLIP" and "TCS OFF" lights light up. I have to ...
I got a CD stuck in my Nissan Quest 2004 and I tried taking it out with tweezers and other tools but it is firmly stuck inside. Is there a way to take it out?? Can anyone please tell me how to disassemble the full da...
How much should it cost to replace the struts, strut mounts and shocks on an 04 Nissan Quest SE.
Where is the cabin air filter located on a 2004 Nissan Quest and is it difficult to replace?
These codes were thrown while driving at 70mph with the cruise control on. ECM and power distribution module have both been replaced in an attempt to fix the problem but it has not. Some of the grounds were cleaned ...
how to replace the 2 drive belts ?
Does the springs stay on the van when the strut is removed, or do I need a spring compression tool?
Went to the dealer, brake fluid level is fine, brake pads are fine. Any other ideas on what to check. Light will usually go off after a few minutes of driving.
when the van is started, it sounds very loud in the engine like a clacking sound. It goes away after about 5 minutes. the dealer tells me its a tensioner issue and should be resolved with regular oil changes using hig...