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I start my van wait five minutes turn my heater on it blows cold air , sometimes it can take 15 minutes or more unless I am driving on the highway at 50 mph or more.
First it was shifting really hard then engine light came on then it was smoking and wouldn't go pass 20mph then it died!
when I turn the windshield wiper on the horn blows, when I put on the hazard, the windshield wiper comes on. And the lights are not coming on. I had changed the alternator a couple months ago because it appear that t...
with the gas feed to the floor it acts like it can barley move.Once up to speed its ok, until I have to stop and get speed to come up. Why is it doing this?
Nissan quest 2004while driving pressing on gas Pedal feel a thud and Aldo hear it what could that be have over 206,000 miles on the can
then got a code to change the o2 sensor. still misses @ idle... pulled a code for maf sensor, changed that. still misses.. now a multi plug misfire... What other possible things can I change????took it to the dealer, ...
when slowing down feels like u hit a pothole
Mi warranty pay for the abs control unit but the mechanic says the problem is the abs module
Cannot get RPM's over 1500 after car warms up. No warning lights on, engine gets louder and sounds like low growling.
my air conditioner doesn't turn off it's always running,all dials are off
blower relay motor on 2004 Nissan Quest
It just started this week and it has gotten worse. It will turn over but it won't start. After a little time trying to start it, it will start. It runs great after it starts. What can the problem be?
My passenger power window stop working. It wont go up and down any more. I can hear the window motor still going when I press the up window button but the window does not come up. What do I need to buy to fix it? wind...
I have got a diag chk done and it's the camshaft sensor,I replaced it still does the same thing.Now I put back diag now it's the crankshaft sensor.The vehicle shuts off while driving like a fuel problem can any body h...