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I need to replace the drivers side front fender and grill
The tow truck bumped me from behind on day of accident but I haven't drove it in 2 days & now it doesn't want to start
While I was trying to get unstuck there was a noise, a pop actually then I noticed my front wheels weren't turning
An the throttle responce sensor is unpluged but if I plug eather one of them up it goes dead an want crank back up but I can plug them up an keep poring gas in air breather it will run fine what could it be!??????
i was driving my truck and i stopped at a stop sign and it died on me so i pushed it to my brothers house and tried to jump it and it did no good. when i try and start it up it doesnt make any noise, it just clicks on...
distributor was replaced and drove for over a month and it just quit and started back one block and that's it
Service engine soon light came on couple weeks ago but disappeared after I diagnosed it with the obd(P0120)... when in idle the truck revs on its own. Exhaust also smells but not all the time
I have a 97 Nissan pickup. 2wd 4 cylinder 5 speed. I changed 2 brake lines because one had a hole in it and was leaking a lot of fluid and the other was rusted pretty bad. The lines I changed were from the front to th...
No codes and MIL is Off... 2 incomplete monitors are Catalyst and EGR.... The other 6 monitors...Misfire...EVAP.. O2snsr...02Htr...Fuel...Comp...are ready.. Has a new battery and the alternator is charging @ 13.70vd...
i replaced the plugs wires cap and rotor and fuel filter had a scan done no codes came up all checked out good although it did say it wasnt finding the catalitic converter it gave a N/A symbol any suggestions
can i replace main bearings also with engine in?