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Was coasting down hill in neutral put cluch in heard loud noise clutch went to floor was able to pull it back up.Couldn't put into ANY gears while its runing. Starts fine but no gears.Started it in gear it started but...
some have said they have 3 some said 2 some said you had to replace the whole drive shaft.someone help.it vibrates bad when you let off the gas and before you change gears.
the noise does not start until I have been driving for about 10 miles or so
Have used colored leak detector, does not show up anywhere. I was told may be in the evaporator, can someone tell me where ths is located and how to check it?
Seams like it's flooded tries to start but won't fire.
R r transmission
clutch will not disengage when weather is cold (live in colorado) can get going by starting in gear eventually clutch will start working replaced clutch mastercylinder what else could cause this problem
I replaced the flasher box under the dash and blinker assembly. Still nothing. Looked under the hood for a fusible link but didn't locate one.