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I have an 88 D21, 1 ton heavy duty with the V6 automatic. I'm looking for a used engine for it, but your database only goes to 1990. How compatible would it be to get a say 1990 V6 engine and tranny??
Alt is new battery is new if you run headlights etc It drains battery
Were gettin 12 volt power in one wire to coil and nothin out
It died when I was trying to start it. It was cranking, then it went completely dead; no lights, horn, tail lights, radio. The battery is charged & I replaced the fusible links (old ones had continuity), checked ignit...
I know its not good to run on 3 cylinders but its my only option right now and i was wondering if theres a way i can cut the fuel off from going down the cylinder and in to the oil to keep the odds of it running longe...
I would like to know the function of every fuse and relay,if possible
I cleaned the throttle body, I didn't replace it.
When the issue first began, she would start fine cold, when warm I would have to hold the throttle down like a flooded carb.I have changed the plugs, wires, fuel filter and throttle body. Now even cold, I have to pump...
if i keep the cluch pushed in just slightly it runs fine but when i take my foot all the way off, it will feel like it's dead but as soon as i push on the cluch it pickes back up.
i gas up with 20 dollars at 4.19 a gallon using shell and i take one trip to pasadena from downey and back. the 20 gets me 1/4th a tank but im on E when arriving home. my nissan is really a 1998. the truck shakes a...
I have replaced my master cylinder my brake booster and the brake check valve Also I have replaced one caliber and grease both calipers slides on both sides