1990 Nissan Pickup (D21) Questions

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I already have changed the oxygen sensor installed new spark plugs and found some vacuum tubing that needed to be changed. Gas cap appears to seal tight. Where do I go from here?
Changed spark plugs wires distributor cap and rotor still doing it its pulling coats for the air flow meter and O2 sensor injector leak and injector circuit
I have replaced the fuel pump fuel filter fuel injectors o2 sensor and spark plugs and is still doing it it is backfiring through the exhaust pipe and throttle body and sputtering
My truck is running hot, plenty of fluid, no heat. How di I replace thermostat?
it started three days ago,it feels like it's stuck in 2nd gear like when going up hill but it's like that all the time.
Has new battery, new alternator, and new starter, what now?
My truck is running well and stops well but the brakes lights do not turn on when brakes are activated! Anyone knows what could be wrong? Thanks
the truck will start sometimes but dies as soon as you touch the gas pedal . the top of the motor is very noisy . once it has started and dies, it will not restart again till the next day .
While I was driving, the truck stalled out. I tried to start it up again and all it does is crank with no start. I smell fuel so I know its not the fuel pump. I replaced the distributor cap and still no start. Wha...
1987 nissan z-24 pickup Can you please tell me where I need to put this Mystery bolt that is leftover after installing a new waterpump description of the bolt is a 12MM head M8-1.0 x40 MM threads and it has a lockwash...
That's pretty much all there is to it. My dad's pickup needs a new engine and speedometer so my kid brother can use it for school and work. Are parts from a 1994 or 1995 pickup compatible with a 1990? And if so, which...
do I replace clutch or is it fluid any advice is greatly appreciated
The ignition coil spark but the dizzy and spark plugs don't why is this?
Seller claims it grinds and won't hold it in gear. It jumps out. All forward gears work fine. What could the issue be and is it an inexpensive fix?
have spark, plugs wet, runs at a bog at full throttle ,wont idle