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It just happened last night while I was driving, I noticed the needle on H. Help
Tested batt/starter good. Was starting fine until pulled starter to replace tranny. Jumped starter..it spins but doesn't engage the flywheel. Could it be starer relay
stops running. I can start it up again and it will do the SAME THINGI CHECKED FOR A VAC LEAK Could NOT FIND ONE,put dry gas in tank added stable still the same. HELP
What would a new computer for a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder run
I have had p0455 go on and off for the last year or so, usually fixed for a while with a new or tightened gas cap. I took it in at one point and they said there was a crack in my vacuum system somewhere- and it was fu...
I need help with this, should I replace the Canister Solenoid Valve and where exactly is this part located? Thanks.
I am getting a "tapping" sound coming from my rear-brake after replacing the Rear Brake Drums and Brake Shoes. I went to another sets of Brake Shoe from another manufacturer and even replaced the Drums a second time.
I have 2002 6 cylinder pathfinder ,Dealer suggests replacing all fuel injectors. What is aprox. cost? I recently replaced alternator, battery & starter. Dealer says possibly might need to replace fuel pump? Is both ...