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Will start and run then dies and will not start back up
diagnostic code is P0103 the gears smtimes dont change but i have tried my best even fixing new sensors,checking wires, at times a black/grey smoke comes out in the morning
misfiring is occured and get stoped and went i shift the gear the engine has vabration and sudden stop
Steers hard to the left only. At all speeds,all the time. Turns right fine
The front driver-side wheel rumbles loudly when going between 35 and 45 MPH. There is a speed-dependant audible click when going less than 10 MPH. The noise seems to be worse when I let off the gas, but it may just be...
My 2002 Nissan Pathfinder 171,000mi shook violently and the engine lite blinked on/off. Afer parking it seemed ok, but I took it to Nissan for a check. Then after they replaced the spark plugs the engine locked up. Th...
Where should I start to look? could it just be a fuse?
i need to drain the fuel tank on my pathfinder, please send me the steps needed to take.
My cigarette lighter in my 2002 Pathfinder stopped working so i checked under steering wheel (behind change tray) and replaced the fuse. I followed the diagram on back of the change tray so i'm sure i replaced the co...
its Vibrating and noice when driving speed going to 80 to 100. Its going smooth after 100km. Wheel balanced from the worshop. Please suggest.