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take up to 1 hour. It has been checked 2 times by dealer and they say it is fine HELP
I can replicate the noise if I hold the brake and rev up the motor to 1400 rpms.
The lights for the A/C, defrost, etc don't light up anymore and I was wondering if anyone knew which fuse these might be linked to so I don't have to check them all. Thanks
This happens often, but not all the time. The motor mount was fixed, cv-axle was replaced and have a new set of tires. Still the vibration is there but not as much prior to the above repairs. Had it checked for leaki...
RE: 2006 Nissan, Murano: p.s. The thumping noise, previously reported, sounds like a rock bouncing around under the left side of the car. The fuel gauge stays on empty most of the time, but occasionally works.
My battery recently died and I got a jump. After the car started running again the screen doesnt turn on at all, the radio doesnt turn on and niether does the heat. Can someone tell me whats wrong and if it can be f...
took 2006 Nissan Morano in for 100,000 tune up. have been told I need front & rear engine mounts. took car to Mossy Nisan where I purchased the car and have maintained it to all the set oil changes, etc. What shoul...