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My heat comes on and off and someone said it could be wiring how much does it cost to fix that
Bought used last month with 75,000 miles. It started out getting about 15 mpg and has gradually decreased over the past month. I mostly drive only to/from work 5 miles round trip. Use regular unleaded gas.
in good condition; routine service
Leaking slowly on wheel well and driveway. Any ideas?
My 2006 Nissan murano sl gives a strong jerk everytime I starts it up in the morning, It's like the engine is going to fall out. But once it cranks up it doesn't do it again until the car sits for a long period of tim...
To access cylinders 1 and 3 is difficult. Do I need a lift?
low fuel kight comes on guage drops below empty. most of the time service engine soon light comes on.
On a cold start there is a griding sound until the engine warms up. My nissan dealer told me it would cost $3400.00
The Part number is CAF1792. I want to do this myself instead of paying some one to do it. It has not been done since the 60,000 mileage mark.
ation. Dealer said the rear muffler and center exhust need to be replaced.The back axle is rused out. I'm confused what the axle has to do with the exhaust. Does this make sense? Also the noise isn't extremly loud. Do...
Below is a list of recommended repair work that the dealership said I should get done in the near future. Which services should I address immediately? - Fuel System Service - Carbon removal - Radiator hoses and c...