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The new bulb is not burned out and the harness looks ok. Do you have any other anecdotes
They found a leak in one of the hoses and this was repaired. However, there is also a leak in the evaporator and I am being told this is a major job - like $1000. It's mostly labor as they have to remove the dash to...
it has like a tw2032 now when I hit the lock key it flash my lights but will not honk the horn and at time unlock
I have a 2005 Maxima and the A/C went out. It was blowing hot air and then started to make a loud howling sound. When I turned it off, the noise was reduced, but still noticeable. I took it to my repair shop and the...
When I push down on gas pedal or while going up a sight grand pushing down..it starts making a sound like a chain
I replaced the front driver side ABS sensor with a new ABS but still the noise exist. I don't know what would be the problem.would you please help me with problem to be honest it gives me headaches.
all of my engine lights are on in my dash...my gas hand does not work. my dash lights are dim...transmission kicks when you put veh into gear...
I have a TCS and slip light coming on the dash lights. I plan to take my car to a mechanic Monday of next week. Meanwhile I was told that if I pull out the fuse that I can maintain the pep of my car until then. Where...
Have changed mass air flow sensor, air filter. still geting P0113 emission code. IAT high.
interior lites auto seat and steering adjust does not work. i have looked at fuse panel on inside and under hood. cant find any fuse labeled for these