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it was just a il oil and i needs to know what will happen and i have water leaking from my water pump b4 i did it so therefore the oil leakout
When I depress the clutch pedal the noise stops. When I release the pedal, the noise continues. The car runs roughly at slow speeds until it warms up. The car has 143000 miles on it and I do not know the history o...
I thought it would be the vss but seams like thats not the problem could you help me get my car fix please
My nissan was just hit in the driver front and now the tire is bent in just wondering estimate cost and if its re-pairable
my car runs nice but after like fifteen min. of driving the engine wont accelerate over 2thousand rpm
the car came in with timing chain problem i fixed the timing chain.
it shifts out fine in all forward gears but want ingage in reverse
ticking noise when car cold cranks goes away after warms up-car runs good not using oil