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the check engine light comes on and the code says its the 02sensor.
It looks like there is a fuse box connected.
only getting up to speed not at high speed. More stop & go situations..
where are they located if any. All other functions work and programmable. makes clicking sound but no movement. Any ideas on problem and fix? Any recall on this item?
Everytime I turn the wheel sharply or go over a bump at low speeds, I hear a popping noise. I have replaced the CV axle and the struts. Any ideas?
The front gasket was really easy to do but the rear one I think I need some help with. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!
This also happen while driving and I step heavy on the gas, but it goes away when I get up to speed.
On Saturday, I made several starts and stops and the last time I tried to start the car it was dead - no lights or anything. Eventually, the lights etc came back on line; however, the engine would not turn over. Eac...
I've had no indication that anything is wrong with the car, but the repair rep said that tire wear would be adversely affected if I let this go for long.
My car revs to approx. 4000 rpm when going 30 to 40 mph. A few weeks back the car would jerk when I shifted gears from drive to reverse and vice versa. That has stopped and the "revving" has begun. The car has 75,000 ...