My AC will blow cold then it blows warm after awhile. Now it has stop blowing cold completely and it is fully charged

it does it after about the third lock of the day! The lock right before it is going to do it the honk is a little longer but not continus. I can lock the door with the door button with no problem. I have replaced the battery in the keyfob with no luck!

master cylinder pump stays on and drains my battery

My nissan was just hit in the driver front and now the tire is bent in just wondering estimate cost and if its re-pairable

i am getting codes p0300, p1574, and p0057 my husband changed o2 sensor lastnight so i went to do the code again, same code exept for this time it said heater control circuit low, the first time it said downstream rear, i did go to two different places to read codes tho, please help did he change the wrong o2 sensor?????

2004 Nissan Maxima SL black on black with less than 56,000 miles. This car is in great condition and show ready, no expense was spared during the customization process.


my car runs nice but after like fifteen min. of driving the engine wont accelerate over 2thousand rpm

my car when i drive it for about twenty min. after it will shut off i would start it again but it wont rev more than 2thousand rpm

the car came in with timing chain problem i fixed the timing chain.

it shifts out fine in all forward gears but want ingage in reverse

ticking noise when car cold cranks goes away after warms up-car runs good not using oil

all fuses ok both tail lites are out

how much does that cost to fix

the check engine light comes on and the code says its the 02sensor.