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I just bought the car and the seller did inform me of what he considered to be a small insignificant oil leak in the front of the engine...in less than a week of driving it, it now leaks enough oil to leave a stain of...
How important is upper gasket. If it has a slight leak can i let it go for a while.dont wana pay to have it done and its not easy.ive done my gaskets on my valves already.but upper oilpan looks tuff.
It will also die sometimes when I come to a stop at a stop sign it light. What is causing this?
Cannot turn off Radio (bose cd changer)drains battery needs a jump, when 15 volt fuse is removed when cars off, it starts up no problem.
i entered the estimator dept. and submitted my job and i get no response.
I have a po447 code. Do I have to replace the the control vent valve and how difficult is it. The dealer quoted me 350-400 here in Hawaii..I am getting conflicting repairs...help. The light came on about 2 days ago an...
It's Not A Short, All My Other Vanity And Interior Lights Work Like On The Doors And Trunk. All The Fuses Are The Correct Ones And All Are New. Those 3 Do Not Want To Seem To Work, Dome Light Has New Bulb As Well, ...
how many coils are on a v6 Maximum eng
Various settings did work, but the fan would shut off and remain off unless the automatic locks were used. Then it would run another 10 seconds or so and turn off. The dealer played with the locks and looked at some t...
idler air control
Only drivers door lock opens with my key rest all doors do not open. The central door locking system is not functioning on my 2002 nissan maxima What could be the proplem?